What are Colored Pencils Made of?

What are Colored Pencils Made of

Who does not know about the colored pencils? If you are an artist we do not need to introduce you with colored pencils. The basic colored pencils are made up of graphite and clay. The core part of colored pencils is made up of additives, wax and some binding agents. Let us have a look at the history of colored pencils. There are few colored pencils which are oil based and water soluble. The first crayons were used by the ancient Greeks.

You must be curious to know what wood pencils are made of. The pencils are made up of wood because wood is considered as hard material which can hold the shape of a pencil. You can sharpen it because wood also provides the softness to the extent it can be shaved as well. A Germany based company Staedtler was the one behind the invention of colored oil pastel during 1834. During the 20th century, the colored pencil for art was getting manufactured. Faber Castell is the pioneer in the production of colored pencils. Most of the pencils are made from California Cheddar. It is the most commonly used wood for a lot many years.

The colored pencils are manufactured almost in a similar way as normal pencils. The crayons are made up of different materials. What are crayons made of? Crayons are simply made up of paraffin wax and the colored pigments. The only difference between the production of colored pencils and a normal pencil is the usage of dyes and pigments in the manufacturing of colored pencils instead of graphite. The melted paraffin wax and colored pigments are mixed in a proportionate amount to make colored pencils. The texture of paraffin feels like wax. It is generated either from wood, petroleum or coal.

What Wood are Pencils Made of?

 The first crayons were black in color. These crayons were being sold to the factories initially. At that time there were no markers like today we have, so they were used as markers as well. The material used to be toxic, thus it was not safe for kids or children to use crayons. The first company which made crayons for children introduced it in 1903 in the US. The company, Binney and Smith, still makes the crayons. They make almost 6.4 million of crayons in a single day by using molding. The company also makes the label on its own by using a mixture of water and cornstarch. The whole process is carried out through a machine, but surely it gives strength to the crayons. You would be astounded to know that the company uses the same machine since 1943! They manufacture labels in 11 languages

During the 1990s, the company thought that the crayon colors might be toxic to children. They decided to come up with something which scented like non-edible stuff. From then, all the crayons are sent to the toxicology department

These are the Best colored pencils for drawing

  • Prisma Color Artist colored pencils
  • Poly chromos colored pencils by Faber Castell
  • Caran Luminance colored pencils
  • Woodless colored pencils by Prisma color 
  • Watercolor colored pencils by Derwent Artist

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