Sargent Art Colored Pencils Reviews

Sargent Art Colored Pencils Reviews

Sargent Art Colored Pencils​​: QUICK OVERVIEW

Visual Appeal




What We Like

  • ​Distinct shades
  • ​Case packaging
  • ​Rich pigmentation
  • ​Non-toxic
  • ​Affordable price range
  • ​Artistic quality

What We Don't Like

  • ​Light shades offer less pigmentation
  • ​Unsuitable for blending

A wide variety of colored pencils are available in the market today. They are manufactured by distinct brands and have a medium to high price range. There are some colored pencils that are specially designed for young children so that they get familiar with the colors. On the other hand, there are some colored pencils that are designed for professionals and adults keeping in mind their requirements.

In this article, we are going to review Sargent Art Colored Pencils that are specially designed for adults and professionals artists. If you want to know about them in detail then, keep reading the article.

Sargent Art Colored Pencils mostly target budding artists and are suitable for adult coloring books. They come in an affordable price range and offer a vast color selection as the single set contains 72 distinct colors. The colors offer just the right quality required for artistic piecework.

Who is this Product for?

Sargent Colored Pencils are specially meant for adult coloring books and can be used by the professional artists as well. These are the perfect option for people who want good quality colored pencils within an affordable price range. The non-toxic nature and the less pigmented light tones make these colored pencils suitable for young artists also.

What’s Included?

Sargent Art Colored Pencils include the following:

  • A single set of 72 distinct colors
  • A storage case made of tin
  • Two plastic trays
  • Pre-sharpened colored pencils of the 7-inch length

Overview of Features

Let’s have a look at some highlighted features of Sargent Colored pencils.

  • Visual Appearance

Sargent Art Colored Pencils

The Sargent colored pencils come with a round barrel made of wood and have a color-dipped end. You don’t need to create your own swatches in order to remember the color names as they are already written with a golden stamp on the barrel. You can easily figure out the colors by looking at the end of the pencils. The color may not give the exact pigmentation on paper as shown on the pencil. But, you can get the desired color by layering it a few times. The wood barrel is covered with golden and silver metallic strips which add shine and smoothness to the surface.

Apart from this, the pencils are already sharpened and come with a soft pointed tip. Also, these colored pencils are not integrated with any toxic material which makes them suitable for young children also.

  • Packaging

The pencils come well-placed in the different slots on the two plastic trays that hold 36 pencils each. Also, they are covered with a tin case which provides extra protection to the pencils. There is a sheet inside the covering lid of the case that shows all the colored pencil swatches and the different techniques of using them.

  • Durability

The core of the pencil is really strong and the barrel is also secured with the gold metallic covering. But, extra care is needed while sharpening these pencils as they can get broken with a conventional sharpener. It can lead to a lot of color wastage. The pencils can withstand a slight pressure while layering or blending different colors.

  • Pigmentation

The set consists of 72 different colored pencils which are pretty great. You get to choose the desired color you want. The colors range from light to medium and dark tones. There are different shades available for a single color. You can expect the rich pigmentation from the dark tones but for the light tones, you need to do a bit of layering to get the desired color. Blending is not really recommended with these pencils.

What’s to Like About the Sargent Art Colored Pencils?

Have a look at the pros of these colored pencils.

  • Different shades available in a single set
  • Safe in case packaging
  • Rich pigmentation of dark tones
  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable price range
  • Ideal for professionals as well as students
  • Offers an artistic quality

What’s not to Like About the Sargent Art Colored Pencils?

Here are a few cons:

  • Lighter shades are less pigmented
  • Not suitable for blending

How to use Sargent Art Colored Pencils

You can use these colored pencils on your artwork or on adult coloring books. They are considered ideal in giving an artistic quality to a simple piece of drawing. You can play with the pigmentation by layering the darker shades on the light tones. They work well for simple pencil paintings, illustrations and other art pieces. You can create different textures by applying a few techniques.

  • These colored pencils can be used for shading by applying a small amount of pressure to achieve different levels of darkness.
  • You can create a dot-like texture by filling the solid shapes.
  • You can use the lighter shades for blending and creating a texture at the boundary of your artwork.
  • With these colored pencils you get to experiment with the different tones of a particular shade which can create an impeccable shading effect.


If you are not satisfied with these colored pencils, you can move on to Prismacolor Premier colored Pencils. These are perfect for creating various shading effects. They have a perfectly soft and thick core which can resist a small amount of pressure. A single set consists of 72 different color options that offer a rich pigmentation when applying on white paper. They can be considered an ideal option for professionals and adult students as well.

Final Verdict

Sargent Art Colored Pencils are overall good pencils that offer a decent variety of color options. The colors are available in different shades and vary in pigmentation. The shades are perfect for creating shading effects in the pencil artworks. You need to experiment with these colored pencils in order to create different textures and effects. They are not suitable for young children as you need to have some knowledge regarding the shades available. Only then, you will be able to get the most out of them. They can be considered an ideal option for only professionals and adults.

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