How To Organize Prismacolor Colored Pencils?

How To Organize Prismacolor Colored Pencils

There are quite a number of Prismacolor pencils; every one of them is used for various effects. All of these range from watercolored pencils to various normal colored pencils. Some of these colored pencils are used only for outlining a particular artwork or maybe for highlighting some details. Some of them, however, are in much bolder details. However, what usually happens is that after using the pencils, several times, there is not even an ounce of the organization left in them. This makes it quite difficult to actually understand which one to use next in an artwork. Here is your guide for how to organize Prismacolor colored pencils?

You might consider using a colored pencil holder initially for the simplest way to organize your pencils. The organizer or container must be large enough to keep all of your colored pencils without stacking them on each other.

You must start the pencil organization by assembling them and starting the process from left to right in the box. You must also try to go for light to dark, place the white pencil to the far left in the box. The next, you should add a grey pencil next to the white one.

Add the grey tone pencils from lighter to darker and then your black pencil. Now, add the yellow pencil next to the black pencil. Using the Prismacolor color chart might also be helpful. Next, place darker yellow and then orange. Move the shades of color from orange to darker orange, reds and also other shades that come in between.

Next, place crimson, lavender, & also magenta colors next to red until you reach for the purple color shades pencil. Always go for Best colored pencils for artists. Now, since you have added the purple color pencil, starting moving towards the bluer tones like indigo and violet until & unless you have reached to the blue colored pencils.

Organize Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Now, move the blue colored tones of colors like cobalt, aquamarine & sky blue. Next to it, add the bluish green, cyan color & gradually move towards green. Turquoise, Viridian and all will follow the cyan color. You can also use the color pencil organizer for this.

The next step should be to move back towards the yellow colors after reaching green. Add lime, emerald also the chartreuse color pencils in your box. Now, examine all the pencils in the boxes that are arranged side to side. The shade of your pencils must move from yellow to orange tones & then from red to the blue tones.

As a result, your pencils will be changing tones from yellow to orange, to red to blues, to greens. This is how you organize your Prismacolor pencils for a better understanding of usage while making or using them artworks. Organizing your colored pencils in an orderly way will help you in the future to choose the colors easily for your artworks and also makes it less messy.

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