How to Color Fire With Colored Pencils

How to Color Fire With Colored Pencils

Drawing and shading are very important if you wish to create something that looks real and good. However, it is not that easy as it might take few years for you to master this art. So, if you practice the same daily you can always become an expert. But for this you need to have dedication and zeal to do it.

Draw Fire that Looks Natural 

It is not that tough to learn about fire drawing and there are few colors that play a vital role in it. So, for a few days if you practice it you will be able to master it for sure. It would always be better if you first draw an outline so that you are sure about the overall size of it. The flames that you will draw need to be in a curved manner so that it looks real. After that, you can start to color the fire. There are different strokes that you will need to learn in order to give the fire a realistic look.

Keep All the Colors Handy 

How to Draw Fire

The basic colors that are required in it are yellow, orange, red and black. So, you need to keep all these color pencils with you. All the pencils need to be sharpened well so that you can draw realistic fire. You can also keep sharpeners so that your pencil can be sharpened when you need it. If you wish to learn it properly then, in that case, you can also join some drawing classes so that you can learn it from a professional. Be regular in your classes so that there is nothing that you will miss out on. You will soon be able to learn how to draw fire.  

Choose Correct Pencils for Shading and Drawing 

For drawing, there are different types of pencils that are available. Best pencils for drawing and shading will never disappoint you and you will be able to do good work with it. There are few pencils that are made for perfect drawing so choose the pencil with due care. There are many brands that are selling these pencils so you can choose the pencils of your favorite brand. If you are not satisfied with a particular brand you can always choose another brand and use it. The most important thing is that when you are doing drawing or shading the pencil should be comfortable to use the same.

These pencils are available in different sizes. It is available in big as well as medium size so you can buy the one that you comfort in. So, if you have a passion for drawing you will be able to learn it faster. To make fire is basically easy but in order to make the fire that looks real will need a lot of time and patience. Keep on doing it and soon you will be able to master the art of making perfect fire. Just keep in mind color usage and the importance of strokes to give real effect.

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