How to Blend Colored Pencils with Rubbing Alcohol

How to Blend Colored Pencils with Rubbing Alcohol

There might be many people who would love to do some sort of drawing that would look different and unique. So, in order to make that sort of drawing you need to look for different options. You can look for rubbing alcohol fumes and you will be surprised to see the overall outcome of the same. This technique is used by many and all those who have used it have loved it and appreciated it.

Use Different Technique and Enjoy It 

Those who are passionate about drawing and are always looking forward to trying something different should learn colored pencils techniques. In this technique, you need not buy any type of color pencil that is different. In fact, with the same pencils, you will be able to do that drawing but you will do it with following different techniques. Take a white paper on which you wish to draw and color, try to make the rough image by using two to three color pencils. After you are done with it you can brush the drawing with the help of alcohol. You need to dip the brush in alcohol and then you can apply it on the drawing. The effect that you will see will surprise you and you will be happy after seeing the result. After you are done it is very important that you try to label the bottle in which alcohol is kept so that there is no confusion. In case if you think that 100% alcohol will harsh on paper you can add a few drops of water to make it soft.

For this, there is no need to buy a new brush you can use the old brush that you were using for painting. The only thing is that you need to clean the brush properly so that when you use it, it is gentle. At first, you will not be able to master it but if you practice it you will be able to do it better.  

Rubbing Alcohol Fumes

In order to get the best results, it is recommended that you use Best colored pencils for coloring books. In the market, you will get different color pencils from which you can choose the best one. Lots of different brands are available so it is upon every individual to choose the one that he or she likes. These color pencils are not costly ones and all those who are passionate about drawing will be able to buy it. You can also learn how to blend prismacolors as it is also very interesting.

Once you will learn these amazing techniques you will love to do drawing and impress your friends with it. You can also prepare a good drawing using this technique and gift it to your friend on his birthday. This technique is used by many professionals as well and they come out will the best of drawing. So, take all the things that are required namely brush, alcohol, paper and start your drawing today itself without any delay

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