About Us

I am Kevin White, a professional artist and I have been using distinct colored pencils for drawing and shading from the past many years. Earlier, as a beginner, I didn’t have much knowledge regarding the numerous colored pencils. That’s why the selection was really tough for me. So, I started investing in the low-priced pencils in the beginning just to test their quality. As my journey as an artist went to the next level, I started experimenting with the different colored pencils and tried creating different styles and patterns with them. Based on my experience, I have chosen some of the best-colored pencils to make the selection easier for budding artists. All of them are featured in my blogs and fall under distinct categories as well. Some of them are suitable for young artists whereas some of them are quite good for professionals. I have also included some of the pencils that will enrich your blending, shading and drawing skills as well.